"Disease is a lifeless thing, You are with life, You are embracing the disease, But the disease cannot embrace you, Become an atmavan leave the disease"



Treatments are very good. Shoba Madam’s guidance and classes are excellent. All the staff pleasing and doing good. I am impressed with the cleanliness in the ashram. My mother and I are completely satisfied with our stay. Thank you to all of you guys.
Dhana Lakshmi


Hands down. You are the best around and I am grateful to you. Thank you.
Ashmitha Datla


It’s good to be here. I have learned so many values that I can use in my life and I am motivated to follow all the valuable lessons I learned from this place. I thank from the bottom of my heart.
Divya Jyothi


Experienced and intelligent doctor who can make a person healthy both physically and mentally. Polite and experienced staff. Honest services, good management and pleasant environment. I’m 100% satisfied with the place. This is my second visit to the place and I would love to visit the place again and again. Thank you Doctor, Staff and Management.
Sreeramulu Reddy


I’m really glad to be here. The individual care for each person here is unparalleled anywhere. Dr. Shobha is extremely friendly, nice and monitors everyone to the smallest of details. I’d love to come back here for another detox session.
N. Sowmya


Prakruti Ashram is a good place for self-care, rejuvenation and detox. I would definitely invite my friends to come here and pamper their senses. Thank you to the entire team for your care and support.


Sooo peaceful here. Everybody is service oriented. Had a wonderful experience. Would love to visit again. Thank you Sridevi garu and team.
Nirmala V


This is one of the best place I have found in all these years. It’s a place where you can reduce your weight, relax, and have treatments for different kinds of pains in the body. The staff are excellent and friendly. I love to be here.
R. Usha Prakash


I am extremely happy with my results. I am way more confident and positive now. I am thankful to doctor Shobha and the staff for being so supportive. This place felt like “Home” always. Thank you Sridevi mam for being their when needed. Overall, I will surely recommend this place and wish the management good luck for future endeavors.


I am truly very fortunate to stay in this Ashram. I am new to this, and I found the treatments very effective. My visit here is due to diabetes, which has reduced considerably. Many thanks to the Admin Sridevi Garu, Dr. Shobha, and the polite staff. I wish and hope their services shall be used by more and more people who need it.
Paradesi Naidu


Very satisfied with the treatment. Environment here is very nice. It’s a peaceful and perfect place to take a break from routine life and change our habits. Learnt health tips from Shoba mam. I was happy with the food provided, it was tasty and healthy. Many thanks to Sridevi madam and Srinu anna and all the staff for your support.
Bhuvanavali U


In the past ten years of my life, I experienced joy and healthy life in this ashram. I feel Blessed. The fee here is less and affordable compared to other ashrams. Overall, good services and hospitality.
P. N. V. Srihari


The location is calm and pleasant. Very peaceful. The rooms and outdoor surroundings are clean and well maintained. Heaters in bathrooms could be installed. Dr. Shoba’s lectures were very informative. Food was tasty and hygienic too. My blood pressure and glucose levels are under control without medicines and my wife got good relief for her knee pains.
Yerra Kesava Rao


I am satisfied with treatments. Food is good. Staff and management is good. Dr. Shoba garu is treating in a friendly way. I got relief from back pain and knee pain.
K. Ademma


I can here to reduce my weight and knee pains. My weight reduced by more than 10kilos in a month and knee pains also reduced. Ashramam atmosphere is very good and all staff are cooperative. Food items are good. Dr. Shobha madam has given good lessons which are very useful in daily life.
G. Praveen


The treatment in yr hospital is very good, the staff here are doing very good service and they are very sincere and dedicated. All the credit goes to you and Dr. garu. Your management is excellent. I pray God for your hospital to reach higher levels and serve many many more people. Thank you.
Geetha Srinivasan


Thanks to Dr.Gopala Raju garu for the neuro muscular stimulation treatment that he gave and which reduced my joint pain completely. I have stayed for around 10days at the ashram and leaving today with full of happiness when I came I had lot of joint pains (Knee, finger joints etc) and could not climb the stairs and was on high medication and on this day I am leaving with zero pain, I am so happy that my parents recommended this place to me, I also lost 5kgs over the 10days.
Sowjanya (U.S.A)

Mob: 6126699107

I have been admitted in this naturopathy hospital on 1-4-2015. I took treatment till 13-4-2015 as the hospital is located away from the town there is no scope of pollution. All green tress like coconut trees, mango, and plantain are available and the environment is pleasant. Regarding the treatment s and staff their service is sincere and I am very satisfied.
P. Sivayya

(Head master) Nellore, Mob: 0861-2330942

Really wonderful at the time of joining my weight was 101.5kgs at the time of leaving my weight was 97kgs after 5days fasting I felt very happy, I got good confidence on my life. The hospitality was excellent and the staffs were very cooperative and good care taking and also the climate was very cool and quiet.
P. Ramesh

Machavaram, Vijayawada, Mob:9399920777.

This ashram as the name prakruthi is, it is very peaceful and surrounding are scenic and beautiful. I really got recharged from this nature I enjoyed the birds sounds and the sunrise and the sunset. Yoga and pranayama helped me a lot to make my mind calm. Doctors and staff are very caring made us feel at home. Thank you everyone.
G. Jyothi

Amrutha Castle apts Seethamdhara, Vizag

This was my second visit to ashram I stayed here for about 10days and lost 5.5kgs the new hospital was quiet comfortable than the previous one all the facilities provided here are good .I will try to follow all the instructions given by doctors.
A. Tushara:

D.no:10-266 Gannavaram Mob: 9885484885

It is very good caring here. I came here to loss my weight. I feel very happy to loss my weight in a natural way it is very pleasure pleasant nature. Very good treatment. Now-a-days staying in a drastic pollution at least once in a year we have to stay in a good environment like this ashram.
B. Sushmitha reddy

Mob: 9989460087

Had very good experience people are very good and cooperative had wonderful and peaceful stay for a week. If time permits will surely visit this place again and also will suggest others.
V.L. Rajashekhar

Bangalore, Mob: 986679166

This was my second visit to ashram I stayed here for about 10days and lost 5.5kgs the new hospital was quiet comfortable than the previous one all the facilities provided here are good .I will try to follow all the instructions given by doctors.
A. Tushara:

D.no:10-266 Gannavaram Mob: 9885484885

Very good and peaceful environment. Everyone are very good here. I like your management and I like u r food very much, excellent food you are giving to patients, I like and like to come once again here.

Mob: 7842264799

This step in my life has been changing my mindset about my weight loss. So I have experienced my time here beautifully and can change my lifestyle.
Mohan meera mythili

Mob: 9629784746

No pollution here environment is very pleasant and peaceful clean and neat ashram and people here are very polite and clean. I liked this place very much.
Dr.A.Sushila Devi

Prashanthi nagar, Vidyanagar Estate, Mob: 9848378642

It is a good opportunity to join in Prakruthi Ashram, whole team work is excellent. I would like to say thanks to management, doctors and to workers here for giving wonderful treatments.
N sreelakshmi

Kadapa, Mob: 9848915905

I came here with lot o problems back pain, neck pain; headache and gastric trouble. Stayed here for one week and all my problems are cured the one treatment and service is very nice.
B. padma priya

Mob: 9030110369

WEIGHT: Before 99.3 stayed for 20days After weight:90kgs It was very good and very nice treatment and the staff and doctors service is very good. I don't feel like leaving this place. It is like my home.
G.V.S.D.Kiran mai


I am feeling very happy. This step in my life changed my life style. I have experienced my time beautifully.
G. Prabhavathy

Vizag, Mob: 9885085323

We stayed here 15days we feel wonderful hospitality of doctors and staff. Maintenance is very good we feel homely atmosphere here.
S.Nirmala kumari

Eluru Mob: 9849529104

All the therapy is good. I am feeling good after treatments. Surely I will refer to my friends about this nature cure hospital.
Y. Yashodhara

Hyderabad, Mob: 7207733459

Treatment excellent, Staff nice, good service, serene atmosphere. I enjoyed the stay in this hospital. I never forget the service of the doctor thanks a lot.
Asst.Director of agriculture


All the treatments are good. Care towards patients. All are fine and we are visiting every year.
M. Pulla rao

Khammam, Mob: 9440203770

I am very happy with these treatments, reduced 10kgs in 10 days it is really great.
P. Pundarikaksha

Rajahmundry, Mob: 9052148889

Excellent service for new energy. Beautiful nature here. Thank u doctors.
A S Satyanarayana

A S R Nagar Bhimavaram, Mob: 9989515381

Service is very good. Everyone must visit please.
T.Ajay babu

Khammam 9885154237

Thanks for all the concern and care, satisfied with your treatments.

Chinna, Tadepalligudam, Mob: 9959657130

This was my 3rd visit to this ashram. I lost about 6kgs in 12 days. I like all the treatments that are here and I like the environment so much. My special thanks to doctors and staff.


The environment inside the ashram is very nice; the hall for the yoga and meditation is excellent all the workers here are good in attending their duties in time.

Chinna, Tadepalligudam, Mob: 9959657130