"Disease is a lifeless thing, You are with life, You are embracing the disease, But the disease cannot embrace you, Become an atmavan leave the disease"


Items to Carry

Items to be Carried

1 3 - Bedsheets
2 3 - Cotton Towels
3 2 - Water Glasses
4 1 Kinife & 1 Spoon to mix honey & Lemon water
5 1 - Allout/Mosquito Coils
6 1 - Bathroom Slippers
7 1 - Yoga Dress (Comfort wear)
8 1 - Walking Shoes
9 Personal items like- soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, surf, etc…
10 Extra items for ladies: 2 Night Gowns, 3 pairs - Inners

Tips After Discharge

  • Drink 4 to 5 liters of water - Daily (Suggested- Early morning - Drink 1 litre luke warm water)
  • Eat twice in a day - Good for health
    (Breakfast between 7Am - 8:30Am - Fruit Juice/Vegetable Juice/Java)
    (Lunch between 12Pm - 1:00Pm - Brown Rice/Pulka with Boiled vegetables and leafy vegetable curry)
    (Dinner between 5:30Pm - 6:30Pm - Pulka with Boiled vegetables curry (or) Fruits/Vegetable Salad)
  • Weekly once fasting - Lemon and Honey Fasting (or) Juice Fasting
  • Daily 1 to 2 hrs - Yoga/Walking/Thread Mill/Cycling/Simple Gym Exercises
  • Daily practice - atleast 15 to 30min - Pranayama during early hours and Meditation during night hours
  • Avoid
    • Junk Food
    • Fast Food
    • Fried Food
    • Non-Veg
    • Sugary Beverages
  • Minimize-
    • Milk and its Products
    • Salt
    • Oil
    • Masala items
    • Garlic & Ginger
    • Tamarind
    • Red Chilli & its Powder

Rules and Regulations

  1. Don’t waste food.
  2. Don’t visit the kitchen during fasting period.
  3. Don’t bring food from outside.
  4. Saturday evenings, tiffins would be served for In-Patients (on food diet).
  5. Sunday afternoon special meal will be served (for those on food diet).
  6. Diet should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.
  7. Additional charges apply for extra juices or diet.
  8. Smoking and Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.
  9. Don’t waste water (close taps after use).
  10. Switch off the “Fans, A.Cs, T.V., Lights” when you come out of the room.
  11. Don’t talk during treatment hours.
  12. Attend all the classes (Yoga, Awareness class, Pranayama) as per schedule timings.
  13. Keep your mobiles in silent mode during class hours.
  14. Please maintain silence.
  15. Go to bed early and wake up early as per the daily Ashram schedule.
  16. No treatments in the Afternoon section on Sundays.
  17. The minimum stay period for In-Patients is 10days.
  18. Management is not responsible for your belongings. So, please keep them safe.
  19. No refund will be given for the “Prepaid Advance Amount” in case of sudden or emergency discharges. However, the amount can be used within one month for stay and treatment purposes.
  20. In case of any issues or complaints, they can be mentioned in the feedback book or you can contact Dr. V. Sridevi (9949882765) for raising your concerns.
  21. Without prior permission from the duty doctor, In-Patients are not allowed to leave the Ashram premises.